(n). an act of jumping or an instance of being moved up and down.

Jase Bounce is a TV and Video Game Composer who specializes in melodic electronic and upbeat dance music. He was recently contracted for an exclusive release on T6 Radio and signed by Elga Records.

Jase can create custom music in his signature style or license his existing music for your projects.

Check out his tunes below!

Hands Up Music

Elsa’s Wildest Dreams [Tik Tok Dance Remix]
Between Good and Evil (instrumental)
Sonic on Acid (instrumental)

Tropical & Melodic House

Rainbow Skittles

Trap Music


Pop + Rock

Fuck You
We’ll Both See The Light
Cyclone (Acoustic Unplugged Version)

Custom Jingles

TruLeader Shift


Jase Bounce specializes in music for TV, Film, Podcasts and Video Games. 

In October 2019, Jase was contracted for an exclusive release on T6 Radio.  His first single of 2020 was signed and released by Elga Records.  Jase Bounce’s original music has been featured on “Boy Meets Girl” on both Netflix and Hulu, and in three mini-documentaries produced by FLUX.  His singles have been featured by over 10 different YouTube promoters, including “Hands Up Anime” and “Hands Up Generation.”  Jase has also composed the signature music for the TruLeader Shift podcast.  Jase Bounce’s original music has been heard in film festivals across the world. 

Jase is madly in love with Happy Electronic Music – including melodic house, hands up and techno trance. 

For further inquiries, please contact